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Qingling aerial work vehicle:
1. The key parts of Qingling aerial work truck produced by our company have high reliability, excellent performance and long service life.
2. Install four hydraulic outriggers to ensure the stability and safety of Qingling aerial work vehicle during operation.
3. The legs and working arms of Qingling aerial work truck are interlocked to prevent misoperation. The legs have a large span and good stability, and can be operated simultaneously or separately.
4. Qingling aerial work truck has limit function, alarm for dangerous working conditions, and excellent safety performance.
5. Qingling aerial work truck produced by our company can rotate continuously in both directions 360 °.
Qingling aerial work vehicle

主要技术参数 Cheng Liwei CLW5053JGKZ3 aerial work vehicle main technical parameters
product name: Qingling aerial work vehicle Dimensions: 7400 × 2000 × 3100 (mm)
Chassis model: NKR77LLEWCJAY Cargo box size: ×× (mm)
Total quality: 5085 (Kg) Approach / departure angle: 24/12 (°)
Rated mass: 160 (Kg) Front overhang: 1015/2180 (mm)
Curb weight: 4600 (Kg) Maximum speed: 105 (km / h)
engine Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
4KH1-TC Qingling automobile co., Ltd. 2999 96
Emission Standards: GB17691-2005 (Country III)
Number of axes: 2 Front track: 1504/1425 (mm)
Wheelbase: 3360 Rear track: 1425 (mm)
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications: 7.50-15, 7.50R15, 7.00-16, 7.00R16
Fuel type: Diesel Number of springs: 8/6 + 5
Axle load: 2115/2970 Cab occupants: 2 + 3
Vehicle notes: Front extension: 845mm.
Multi-dimensional map:

Dedicated performance: :湖北程力高空作业车以东风福瑞卡、江铃、庆铃、福田、江淮、东风145、153等系列原装底盘改装而成,外形美观、可坐3-6人,系全回转两节(三节)折臂式液压多功能工程作业车,它能将工作人员平稳、安全的送到10-24米的高空作业。 Product introduction : Hubei Chengli aerial work truck is converted from Dongfeng Furika, Jiangling, Qingling, Foton, JAC, Dongfeng 145, 153 and other series original chassis, beautiful appearance, can seat 3-6 people, full swing two Kinematic (three-section) knuckle-arm hydraulic multi-functional engineering work truck, which can send workers to 10-24 meters high-altitude operation smoothly and safely.

:由油泵、取力器、电气控制开关、气动电磁阀组成.它是通过安装在汽车驾驶室内的取力器离合电气开关的通断,使取力齿轮与汽车变速箱内取力输出齿接合或分离,从而使油泵工作或停止。 Power take-off device : It consists of oil pump, power take-off, electrical control switch, and pneumatic solenoid valve. It is based on the on-off of the power take-off and clutch electrical switch installed in the car cabin, so that the power take-off gear and the car gearbox take power The output teeth are engaged or disengaged, thereby operating or stopping the oil pump. (Note: When the car is running, the power take-off teeth in the power take-off should be disengaged and the oil pump will not work)

:由液压马达、齿轮减速器、回转支撑等组成。 Slewing mechanism : It consists of hydraulic motor, gear reducer and slewing support. Its working principle is: the hydraulic motor drives the reducer, and the pinion gear on the reducer output shaft rotates to push the slewing support to make it rotate.

:由一只定量泵供油,系统工作压力16Mpa,流量25L/min,其工作压力由溢流阀调定(出厂时,本公司已调好).当取力齿轮接合时,带动主油泵运转,油箱内的油通过油泵输出,到达支腿操作阀。 Hydraulic system : supplied by a fixed pump, the system working pressure is 16Mpa, the flow rate is 25L / min, and the working pressure is adjusted by the relief valve (the factory has adjusted), when the power take-off gear is engaged, it will drive the main The oil pump runs, and the oil in the oil tank is output by the oil pump and reaches the outrigger operation valve. After the operation of the outriggers is completed, the distribution handle is transferred to the vehicle. At this time, the hydraulic oil is switched from the oil circuit of the outriggers to the vehicle, and the part on the vehicle can work.

:通过该系统可以实现各功能的转换。 Operating system : This system can realize the conversion of various functions. By manipulating the handle of the multi-way directional valve, the telescopic legs and working arms can be rotated up and down. (When operating the multi-way directional valve, the power take-off should be hung to drive the oil pump to work)

:主臂上设有起重结构(限吊一吨),上臂、下臂、回转和起重液压系统均为独特无级调速系统,具有节能和动作灵活,平稳安全可靠的特点。 Product advantages : The main boom is provided with a lifting structure (limited to one ton), and the upper arm, lower arm, slewing and lifting hydraulic systems are all unique stepless speed regulation systems, which have the characteristics of energy saving, flexible action, stability, safety and reliability. The outriggers are separated and adjustable, which can realize the leveling of the whole vehicle on the flat road. Hydraulic and electrical control systems are equipped with various limit devices and engine emergency flameout devices. When a fault occurs, the power is automatically cut off or the engine is stopped to ensure safety. The electric operating system uses waterproof switches to avoid water ingress and rust leakage.

:产品广泛适用于电气线路检修、路灯维修、广告、摄影、高空作业清洗、园林绿化等领域。 Scope of work : The product is widely used in electrical line maintenance, street lamp maintenance, advertising, photography, aerial cleaning, gardening and other fields.

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Aerial work vehicle

Thirteenth Book (2008 Second Book)


:凡湖北程力改装的车辆,底盘部分全国服务站联保(三包一年或三万公里),上装产品质量一律实行国家三包,整车三包一年或三万公里,期间出现任何质量问题(人为或不可抗拒力因素除外),由我厂负责上门保修(省内24小时到位,省外48小时到位). After-sales service commitments : For vehicles modified by Hubei Chengli, the national service station of the chassis is guaranteed (three packs a year or 30,000 kilometers). The quality of the top-loading products will be national three packs, and the whole vehicle will be three packs a year or 30,000 kilometers. During any quality problems (except for human or force majeure factors), our factory will be responsible for on-site warranty (24 hours in the province and 48 hours outside the province).

庆铃高空作业车详细资料及图片请拨打13872881361 联系,以上产品介绍仅作参考,定车以合同内容为准。 ※ For details and pictures of Qingling aerial work vehicle , please call 13872881361. The above product introduction is for reference only, and the contract is subject to the contract content. Company website: ladesy.com Welcome new and old customers to come to the company to inspect the production strength and product technology, we will provide you with the best service!

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