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Dongfeng Furika high pressure cleaning truck:

Dongfeng Furika high pressure cleaning truck : It is a hot-selling product in high pressure cleaning trucks, exempt from purchase tax, high configuration, low price, economical, beautiful and generous, comfortable driving, earn money by enjoying work! Dongfeng Furika light truck type original chassis (National Warranty) is adopted, which has the characteristics of high pressure, water saving, long operation time and good cleaning effect. It is mainly used for cleaning the sediments of urban sewers, dredging the sewers, and can also be installed with the functions of suction and faeces, which integrates cleaning and suction. Commonly used engines include Yuchai, Chaochai, Jiangsu Sida, etc., steam brakes, Dongfeng 5-speed gearbox, 7.00-16 nylon tires, 24V power supply, and the volume is generally 3-4 cubic meters, according to customer needs and various local household requirements Different volumes vary. Hubei Chengli Company provides you with more models of high-pressure cleaning trucks, pictures of high-pressure cleaning trucks, high-pressure cleaning truck accessories, and the best price of high-pressure cleaning trucks. The prices of high-pressure cleaning trucks have fluctuated due to different assembly configurations and special vehicle accessories. ; Please click our contact information or leave us an online message immediately, we will provide you with a full range of solutions.

Dongfeng Furika high pressure cleaning truck
product name: Dongfeng Furika high pressure cleaning truck Overall dimensions (mm): 6200 × 2000 × 2200
Chassis model: EQ1060TJ20D3 Cargo compartment size (mm): ××
Total weight: (kg) 6495 Approach / departure angle (°) 19/12
Rated mass: (kg) 29,652,900 Front suspension / rear suspension (mm): 1032/1868
Curb weight: (kg) 3400 Maximum speed (km / h): 90
Axle load: 2200/4295
Chassis parameters
Chassis model: EQ1060TJ20D3 batch: 229
Number of axes: 2 Fuel type: Diesel
Wheelbase (mm): 3300 Front track (mm): 1506
Cab occupants: 2,3 Rear track (mm): 1466
Number of tires: 6 Number of springs: 8/9 + 5, 6/8 + 4
Tire specifications: 7.00-16, 6.50-16, 7.00R16, 6.50R16
Vehicle description: Tank dimensions (long / long axis / short axis) (mm): 2400 (actual length 3500, of which the front 1100 is used for installing high-pressure pumps) / 1600/1100; the number of passengers in the cab (persons) 2, 3 Corresponds to the rated load mass (kg) 2965, 2900. Optional rectangular tank. With the optional chassis cab. Protective material: Q235 carbon steel, connection method: Welding connection is used for the left and right side and the rear lower protection. The rear protective section size (mm): 100 × 50 × 5, the rear protective ground clearance (mm): 330.
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)



Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd.

Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co., Ltd.





Other information
Special function description:
:主要由东风福瑞卡原装底盘(全国联保)、水罐、水路系统、液压系统、卷管器、冲洗管道、高压喷头等组成。 Components : It is mainly composed of Dongfeng Furika original chassis (National Warranty), water tank, water system, hydraulic system, pipe coiler, flushing pipe, high-pressure nozzle and so on.

:包括水罐、高压水泵(意大利进口泵)、进水管、泄水截止阀、滤水器、水位表、进水截止阀、水压表、压力表开关、高压喷头、高压三通阀、卷筒。 Water system : including water tank, high-pressure water pump (imported from Italy), water inlet pipe, drain stop valve, water filter, water level gauge, water inlet stop valve, water pressure gauge, pressure gauge switch, high-pressure nozzle, high-pressure three-way valve ,reel.

:包括油位计、油箱、过滤器、闸阀、油泵、溢流阀、节流阀、油压表、单向阀、油马达、换向阀、单向阀、开关。 Hydraulic system : including oil level gauge, fuel tank, filter, gate valve, oil pump, relief valve, throttle valve, oil pressure gauge, check valve, oil motor, directional valve, check valve, switch.

:可加装洒水装置,安装绿化洒水炮、前冲、后洒、侧喷,可进行绿化洒水、喷雾、压尘、高压冲洗路面,还可加装吸污功能,集清洗、吸污于一体。 Optional : can be installed with sprinkler device, green sprinkler, forward flush, rear sprinkler, side spray, can be green sprinkler, spray, dust, high pressure washing the road, and can also be equipped with a suction function, set cleaning, suction In one.

:具有压力高、节约水、作业时间长、清洗效果好的特点。 Product features : High pressure, water saving, long operation time, good cleaning effect.

:主要用于清洗城市下水道的沉积物,疏通下水道。 Scope of work : It is mainly used to clean the sediments of urban sewers and clear the sewers. It can also be used to clean industrial drainage pipes, walls, etc. It can also be used for sprinkler, water transport and road flushing. It can also be used for fire fighting in emergency.

High-pressure pump model

3DS-8 / 16, GYB-8 / 16


8m3 / h

preset pressure


Coil speed

0-25m / min

Hose length

60 meters

Coil force


Inner diameter of hose


Hole clamp angle

15 °, 25 °



High-pressure nozzle


Exemption query:
Brand Model
Vehicle category
Duty Free Atlas
Page number
CLW5060GQX3 High-pressure cleaning truck Twenty-third batch (2010 fourth volume)

:凡湖北程力改装的车辆,底盘部分全国服务站联保(三包一年或三万公里),上装产品质量一律实行国家三包,整车三包一年或三万公里,期间出现任何质量问题(人为或不可抗拒力因素除外),由我厂负责上门保修(省内24小时到位,省外48小时到位)。 After-sales service commitments : For vehicles modified by Hubei Chengli, the national service station of the chassis is guaranteed (three packs a year or 30,000 kilometers). The quality of the top-loading products will be national three packs, and the whole vehicle will be three packs a year or 30,000 kilometers. During any quality problems (except for human or force majeure factors), our factory will be responsible for on-site warranty (24 hours in the province and 48 hours outside the province).

※ For detailed information and pictures of Dongfeng Furika high pressure cleaning truck, please contact 13872881361 directly. The above product introduction is for reference only. Please order the car according to the contract We will provide you with the best service!

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